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Modeling and Analysis Principles
Chemical and Biological Engineers

by Michael D. Graham, University of Wisconsin
James B. Rawlings, University of California, Santa Barbara

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Nob Hill Publishing is pleased to announce the availability of the textbook "Modeling and Analysis Principles for Chemical and Biological Engineers," by Michael D. Graham and James B. Rawlings, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Research undertaken by modern chemical and biological engineers incorporates a wide range of mathematical principles and methods. This book came about as the authors struggled to incorporate modern topics into a one- or two-semester course sequence for new graduate students, while not losing the essential aspects of traditional mathematical modeling syllabi. Topics that we decided are particularly important but not represented in traditional texts include: matrix factorizations such as the singular value decomposition, basic qualitative dynamics of nonlinear differential equations, integral representations of partial differential equations, probability and stochastic processes, and state estimation. The reader will find many more in the book. These topics are generally absent in many texts, which often have a bias toward the mathematics of 19th- through early 20th-century physics. We also believe that the book will be of substantial interest to active researchers, as it is in many respects a survey of the applied mathematics commonly encountered by chemical and biological engineering practitioners, and contains many topics that were almost certainly absent in their chemical engineering graduate coursework.

Contents 1. Linear Algebra; 2. Ordinary Differential Equations; 3. Vector Calculus and Partial Differential Equations; 4. Probability, Random Variables, and Estimation; 5. Stochastic Models and Processes; A. Mathematical Tables.

  • This textbook contains 99 worked examples, more than 300 end-of-chapter exercises, and 94 figures.
  • We support Octave--a compatible, freely available language--for all calculations presented in the text.
  • A solution manual for end-of-chapter exercises is available to course instructors who adopt the text.
  • The current list of errata is available on the web.
  • Sample homeworks and exams for a one-semester graduate course are available at:
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